Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Alert! Madonna Flaunts Sin On TV. No kidding.

I got an alert from the American Family Association. God bless the AFA for their vigilance in standing in the gap and fighting for decency. Their most recent alert is titled:

NBC, Madonna Set To Mock The Crucifixion of Christ

I get one of these AFA alerts nearly everyday. Besides getting one from AFA directly I have several christian brothers who forward the same alerts to me. So I get a formidable collection. After a while I suffer something similar to the compassion fatigue that one gets from viewing so many pleas to help the hungry and oppressed.

Madonna is going to do something nasty of TV. Ok, but that's like saying I changed the flow of an open sewer so now it runs through my living room and guess what? IT STINKS!!! IT SMELLS AWFUL!!!

It's television. Are we really shocked? Television, for the most part is our window into the lowest common denominator that culture has to offer. Thankfully there are the Food Network and Home Decorating programs to redeem some of the air waves but for the most part, TV is apostate and not about to reform.

Are you shocked to discover Madonna is sinful and proud of it? That she's anti-christian? That NBC, ABC, CBS, Blah-Blah-Blah are businesses that show train wrecks for profit?

The problem with our society is that nothing has a CONTEXT anymore. Two weeks ago I preached on the history of redemption and demonstrated the proper context, the underlying theme for the books of the Holy Scriptures. The main stream church has taken truths from scripture and stripped them from their context. The worship service has no context, it is an end in itself, to please the seeker - to make us feel good and relieve stress that can be so damaging to our Sunday afternoon golf game.

Society has no context. Music has no context. What one FEELS to be true is true. Sin has no consequences because sin exists in a vacuum or has been defined out of existence.

So the answer is not to try to save TV by protesting, the answer is to go into all the world preaching and baptizing, preaching the Truth and establishing the lost context to a disjointed world. We live in the information age where information abounds and is accessible like no time in history, but all of this information is without context. The world is playing a hellish and hell bent game of Trivial Pursuit. {Rant Off}