Friday, February 01, 2008

The Critic Goes To Church

Anyone who goes to church looking for opportunities to criticize the service, will find ample opportunities to do so in any church. Anyone who goes to church looking for opportunities to worship, will likewise always find opportunities to do so.

As much as a church does NOT give opportunities to worship then it deserves the attack of the critic. The only valid criteria for criticizIng the 'worship' service is whether or not worship is taking place. God is seeking worshippers not critics. The critics will move on to the next church until they find a church that will worship THEM; unfortunately, that church is not hard to find.


Anonymous said...

Great post my friend. God bless you and your 3 new children.

I am quite interested on how baptism is applied to situations such as yours. Maybe you could elaborate.

I am assuming for the moment that the children have not been baptized. Do you know how long you will have them--perhaps indefinitely? At what point is it appropriate to bring them into the fold of the visible church?


Anonymous said...

Yes, there are some people who look for a perfect church, they`re not so perfect though. I attend several christian churches, not to critizice them but to meet more relatives in Christ.